Activities kids can do to protect our nature

Protecting the planet is all about increasing environmental awareness and there is always strength in numbers. Kids can participate in indifferent nature activities to promote environmental awareness and protect this planet. Day-care La Canada Flintridge, CA teachers, and parents can help children understand the importance of taking care of the environment and explain different activities where they can make a connection with the world around them. You can do the following activities with your kids to encourage them to extend their love and care for mother nature.

Going for a nature walk.

You can take your children for a walk to the nearby park and help them to explore the place with their sensory organs. Help them to observe and identify different inhabitants of the park and discuss what would happen if their natural habitats were destroyed. After the activity, you can allow the little explorers to brainstorm ideas for how human beings can extend their helping hand and protect the land and animals around us.

Planting a community garden.

To do this activity kids should get together with some of their friends or neighbors. The group members can discuss with each other what they are going to plant in that community garden. Each member can plant herbs or fruits or vegetables or flower plants to share with the rest of the group. In Day-care La Canada Flintridge, CA, under the observation of the caregivers, kids sow seeds and provide them with the basic needs to help them grow into plants.

Outdoor classroom.

Have you ever seen kids are learning sitting under the open sky? To help children appreciate nature and its beauty, many teachers build outdoor classrooms for their kids. With some very basic seating arrangements, you can create an amazing outdoor space perfect for observing and exploring nature. These outdoor classrooms are a great idea to make kids feel a connection with nature.

Green fashion show.

Teachers can organize a green fashion show for kids in their preschool where kids showcase their fashionable best in green. Organizers can request parents to use fashion items that may be made from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo. Plants can be used to make clothing items. Maybe in the classroom, teachers can motivate children to top off their attire with recycled or upcycled accessories like bottle cap earrings or seashell necklaces.

Art competition using recycled items.

Art teachers of Day-care La Canada Flintridge, CA can let children’s creative energy fly high with an art competition. Teachers can challenge kids ora group of kids to create amazing art pieces using recycled items. Before throwing the challenge to the kids it is always fair to demonstrate how to use recycled items to create an art piece. You can make this a grand evening showcase at your school and invite parents, community officials and other neighbors to see how these little minds can turn trash into treasure. If possible, try to partner with a local museum or make an in-school museum exhibit or even host an auction for the art pieces.

So parents, please don't restrict your kids if they want to participate in any activities to showcase their love and care for mother nature.