Activities For Promoting Cognitive Development In Your Kid

The mind of a toddler is like a notebook with innumerable possibilities for a good write-up or even a great artistic endeavor. So, it is essential to nurture the kid's minds with activities that allow them to develop in all the necessary aspects of life. Let the kids learn, read, understand, recall and focus. Need help? Daycare like Montessori Eagle Rock, CA, will be a great choice for understanding a few things which would guide you throughout the development years of your child.

Do you know, according to a renowned psychologist, Jean Piaget, toddlers between the age of zero to twenty-four months of age accumulate almost everything that goes on around them. This makes things crystal clear. So letting your kid indulge in activities that could help your toddler's cognitive growth could be a smart decision. Wondering what type of activities we are talking about? Keep reading to know more.

Engaging activities for the cognitive development of your kid

  • Let them recognize sounds: Sounds do have magical powers. Let your toddler hear and recognize the different sounds of birds and animals. Have interaction with them while asking your toddler to identify them. Don’t forget to praise them when they are right.
  • Sing with them: As discussed earlier, music is magical; hence singing songs would help them improve their sensorimotor and cognition skills. Additionally, it will keep your toddler entertained hence, keeping them in a healthy mind.
  • Let them solve puzzles: Puzzles could be a great way of improving cognitive capability. First, begin with easy puzzles and let them solve. Then, with time introduce them too difficult puzzles to improve their memory and decision-making skills.
  • Let them sort the colors: Colours are fun and attractive for a kid. So give them a box full of colorful blocks and let them arrange it color-wise. This will improve their cognitive and logical skills.
  • Let them recognize textures: The toys come in various shapes and materials. Let your child touch and feel the textures. For example, suppose you give them a soft toy, let them recognize if the texture is soft. Encourage them to recognize and praise them whenever necessary.
  • Let them get creative: Give your toddler paintbrushes and colors. Let them paint whatever they feel like. They need to have a balanced creative aspect to grow cognitively.
  • Allow them to contribute to household chores: Simple tasks like decorating the table or keeping toys in place could develop a great sense of responsibility. Allow them to stay organized and get active cognitively.
  • Let them recollect alphabets and numbers: Once your child is acquainted with the numbers, repeat them for them to recollect.

Your child holds the capability to observe and process information. Take proper steps and help them build a healthy mind. At Montessori Academy, involving a child in the learning activity is given special importance and is considered a great way of cognitive development. A healthy environment, proper activities, and guidance will lead to a better future for your kid.