4 Amazing Animal Stories For Kids With Moral Lessons

Kids learn the most through observations and explorations, but another very important widely available medium of education is through stories. Toddlers love listening to stories and storytelling or reading books is one of the best ways to introduce any new concepts to the little minds. Montessori South Pasadena, CA teachers use books and stories as provocation before they unpack any new concept in the class. Moreover, for centuries, tales told to children have been of fantasy and adventures and this is how elders pass on their culture and tradition to the next generation. These stories often help parents to educate their kids by embedding moral values in them.

Animal Stories for Kids with Moral Lessons

The knowledge parents impart onto their kids is perhaps the most important responsibility of them and sometimes the presence of inanimate objects or animals in stories make these lessons fun and relatable to the small ones. Most children’s animal stories are filled with wisdom and that can be articulated coherently and understandably to impart moral values in kids.

Here, you can find some awesome animal stories to help you shape your children’s moral compass.

The Hare and the Tortoise :

This is a decade-old classic fable about a race between one of the fastest and slowest creatures on earth. This animal story is widely popular among kids and has been a favorite for generations. This is truly a timeless tale that can engage kids from the ages of 2 to 6.

Moral Lesson :

Do not underestimate any task and make sure you see it through without letting your pride swell up. Sometimes being slow patient becomes the best way to conquer any challenges.

Three Little Pigs :

In South Pasadena, CA playschool kids love reading this animal story. This is a tale that shows the folly of pigs who do not listen to their mother and build unstable houses. As a big bad wolf enters the story, kids become curious to know what happens next to the three small pigs.

Moral Lesson :

Teachers read this story to teach children that doing a job well is as important as getting the job done on time. Honesty and enthusiasm for your actions go a long way.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears:

This is a classic tale of a cute little girl who crosses the path of a bear family. The girl learns her lessons when the three bears ignore her beauty and becomes upset at their home being occupied without any announcement.

Moral lessons :

It is very important to understand the consequence of your actions on others surrounding you, especially when your decisions directly affect them.

The Country Mouse and The City Mouse :

In child care centers, this story is a popular read where a city mouse visits his cousin in the country who feeds him a dish of beans and rice. The city mouse takes her cousin to the city for a meal of cake and ale. As they start eating, two dogs started chasing them and they run for their lives.

Moral lesson :

It is always better to be happy with the things that you can enjoy at peace instead of aiming for some luxurious items that you cannot enjoy properly.